Battle: Dragoon S .w.x Gold Edition Vs Lost Longinus .n.sp Gold Dragon Ver. - Beyblade Burst!

by BeybladeGeeks
GOLD DRAGOON S VS GOLD LOST LONGINUS! We've been super hyped about releasing this battle and we're sure you were waiting for us to do so!

We have the GOLD LIMITED EDITION Dragoon S .W.X, a sick blast from the past that is loaded with aggressive Burst parts. Xtreme matches Dragoon S perfectly as the original Dragoon S also did not have your typical plastic blade base. It has some crazy speed around the stadium, but very little stamina. On the other hand, we got Lost Longinus .N.Sp GOLD DRAGON VERSION! If you're fan of the original Lost Longinus, then you'll love this version! The recolour is so well done and is a super intimidating paint job. It even came with a recoloured left launcher!

Which one was your favourite? Dragoon or Longinus? Dragoon struggled in this battle, but it must be be because it's left VS left! We're going to be testing these Beys out with other opponents, so make sure you give us your recommendations. WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEE US BATTLE NEXT?!

Lost Longinus .N.Sp GOLD DRAGON VERSION LIMITED EDITION Unboxing & Review:

Dragoon S .W.X GOLD LIMITED EDITION Unboxing & Review:

Song: Shaken Soda
Artist: The Hipsta
Album: Cheat Code 1.0

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