Romantic Scenes From Come Early Morning - A Mermaid's Song Friendlymusicman

by FriendlyMusicman
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Romantic scenes from Come Early Morning - A Mermaid's Song Friendlymusicman

“A Mermaid’s Song”

Out on a sea of faces
Rowing a boat I saw
The beam of a lighthouse
Guiding me in to shore
The keeper she looked familiar
Riding the white horse waves
Just like an angel
Rescuing ocean slaves
She pulled me in to harbour
And whispered a mermaid’s song
Listen to me
And you will be
Where you belong
Sighed as her lips were moving
They made a velvet sound
Lost and alone
And suddenly I was found
Floating without a compass
Trying to read the stars
Thought I could steer when
Venus aligned with mars
But they sent me round in circles
The I heard a mermaid’s song
Listen to me
And you will be
Where you belong

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