6 Funny Skin Tricks In Minecraft!

by Grian
Here is a short video on how you can manipulate your skin to trick your friends in minecraft! :D

I know most of you clever people will have seen a bunch of these before but I'm hoping there is at least ONE you haven't seen before or made you laugh ^.^


Delivery Grian: http://imgur.com/n8Ytfuk

Backwards Grian: http://imgur.com/XxpaXYb

Upsidedown Grian: http://imgur.com/io4Gr9M

Clothed Grian: http://imgur.com/pT89pY1

Command block command: http://pastebin.com/6sPfMZg7

Thank you to:

Skin maker "Majo_Ellen"
Skin help "Energyxxer"
Command block help "Tantibus"
Actor "dtyn8"
Actor "Leon24"
Actor "Broettinger"
Actor "Kopperston"

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