Ragnarok Re:start Leveling Guide 1-99

by Danny Treble
Ragnarok Online Restart server Leveling guide 1-99
Knight Build/Guide: https://youtu.be/xKvyiz74AjQ


This is my basic guide for anyone wanting to play the game. It's the leveling curve I explored as I leveled 2 characters.99 Knight and 8x Hunter.

Please note that when I explain Byalan dungeon you're supposed to go to Izlude - NPC north east - byalan island then into portal, not via Alberta or Sunken ship!

If you have other suggestions as no doubt there's many other viable places to level please leave them below in the comments.

BIG shoutout to the guys and gals helping with making the map spawn images and letting me use them in this video. You can check them out here (and more resources):



iRO Restart Wiki (in progress): http://irowiki.org/wiki/RE:Start

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