Battle: Victory Valkyrie .b.v Vs Dark Deathscyther .f.j - Beyblade Burst!

by BeybladeGeeks
Attack type battlessssss!! Love that we can add more attack type Beys to our collection. Dark Deathscyther is definitely not as fast as Victory Valkyrie, but the Jaggy driver has more stamina to make up for that. Keeping control of Victory Valkyrie was very difficult, because of the worn our driver and unpredictability. Even with some big hits against Deathscyther, Valkyrie would lose on a sleep out. Many many spin finishes in this battle, so we'll definitely need to customize our Victory Valkyrie!

What do you think of the new Dark Deathscyther? Would you still pick Victory Valkyrie as your attack type favorite? Let us know what you want to see next!

Dark Deathscyther .F.J Booster (B-42) Unboxing & Review!

Victory Valkyrie .B.V Starter (B-34) Unboxing & Review!

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