Wala Ana

by John Lebanon
Part two - inspired by the Lebanese revolution of 2019.
All voice samples in the track were obtained through the Whatsap app.
The app was taxed in early October and that tax was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Video By : Farid Salame
Lyrics by : Papa Sway & John Lebanon & Rayssa Achkar
Samples : Cathy, Rhea, Rayssa, Cybelle, Nabil, Windy, Laeticia, Noemie, Piachu, Dib, Alexis and Omar
Graphic by : Amy Chiniara

Instruments : Keyboard, Synthesizer, Piano, Slap Bass
Vinyl beats and both electronic and live percussion used.
Beehive sounds to represent strength in unity and determination.

Thank you for all platforms and people involved in making this video.