Kamen Rider Kabuto: 2 Epic Beetles

by MONSTROSITIES: Tokusatsu Vlog
Another edit of "Kamen Rider Kabuto" done for fun, this time featuring Kabuto and Gatack battling worms in Episode 23, I believe. Completely wiped out the original soundtrack and replaced the sound effects and music.

Also, please forgive the occasional appearance of a subtitle edges in this video. Besides having no raw footage to work with, I've run into a weird bug where Premiere zoom outs from the original zoom point when it renders. The only way to fix this (that I've found) is to zoom in further in the edit, thus correcting the problem. I didn't think it was worth the fuss/time of doing another export so .. you get this 'flawed' version.

This video was done strictly for fan purposes. Kamen Rider Kabuto is owned by Toei.