Peter Pan - Season 1 - Episode 26 - Global Warming - Full Episode

by The New Adventures of Peter Pan
While everyone in Neverland is preparing for a flower sculpting contest, Hook and his pirates want to give Peter a bad luck potion! Their plan fails when the potion lands on John and one of the Flower Buds from the secret garden. The Potion transforms the flower bud into a fiery demoness, and the gang has to figure out how to cool her down before it's too late.

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About The New Adventures Of Peter Pan:
Wendy Darling, along with her brothers John and Micheal, are swept away to Neverland where they don't have to worry about their mundane lives in London and all of their wildest dreams can come true. Peter Pan leads the trio of siblings on countless adventures, navigating the perils of malicious mermaids, wild Indian tribes, and the unrelenting Captain Hook. While Peter Pan doesn't want to grow up, Wendy and her brothers inevitably learn valuable life lessons about friendship, family, and responsibility that they take home to London at the end of every episode.